Over at this site, you’ve got some rather remarkable “no duh” tips for project management that also have great applications for every day life management. Review a few of them and then list your favorites. Here are mine:


  • You DO have enough time for everything.
  • When you plan your schedule for the day, ensure that you leave 20% of your day free.


  • Chatty colleagues not only disrupt their own schedules, but also prevent you from completing your task on time. Get them to correct their habit or red flag them when you are working on meeting deadlines.
  • Match tasks to capabilities. Each employee in your organization has certain innate talents. Tap them by ensuring that each person performs task that he/she is good at. Research shows that employees perform better when they are assigned tasks they enjoy doing.
  • Introduce the email culture. Avoid phone calls between colleagues. Wherever possible, ask your colleagues to contact you via e-mail. Ensure that the e-mail communication is clear, crisp and concise.


  • Try not to compulsively clean. It is far more important to relax a bit each day than to live in an immaculate house.
  • Get organized. Create a place for everything and ensure that everyone in the family keeps things in their right places. This will save time that would otherwise be spent searching for something.

Disclaimer to Wifey: This is for my encouragement only. There are no imperatives or hints hidden anywhere in this list.

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