Oboy. Things in our house got progressively better over this past weekend. If you read the entry from DQ, you know that Sam and I both were in fantasy football Superbowls, albeit in different leagues. Well, I won, and he lost. Ahahahahahahaahahahaha. Whew. Had to get that out. Am I bad for gloating over my 8 year-old son? I mean, his team knocked mine out of the playoffs in his league. And I was getting rather tired of the, “Hey-dad-who-you-gonna-start-this-weekend-oh-I-forgot-you’re-not-in-the-playoffs” routine.

By the way….
It’s my birthday tomorrow. Feel free to use the TIP TROUGH liberally. It’s found in the right column… A latte at Dad’s Place is about $3.75. Of couse, feel free to drop the decimal.

Happy Birthday to me……

A song about nothin’
Don’t worry. I won’t attempt another song, but you’ve got to swing by Mike Graham’s site and listen to “A Song About Nothin.” Mike is Caro’s first cousin (it’s ok; they’re not native Arkansans, so their family tree does fork), and in the Texas country scene. He’s really, really good. Stop on in, and enjoy! Let him know I sent ya, and you’ll get, well, exactly what the song’s about.

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