working-out-during-your-lunch-breakThis is the second post inspired by my lunch conversation last week with Alex, our youth minister; Aaron, our swiss army knife minister (because his title has a lot of slashes in it), and Jess, a former intern who was back in town for a wedding. You will not be inspired by this. In fact, if you don’t want to waste a few minutes of your life, I’d encourage you to do something more productive rather than reading this. Watch the Olympics. Call a friend. Plant a garden. Anything.

No? Well, ok. Onward then.

The following statement was uttered by Jess:

“I’m a scared to press the cruise button on my car because I’m afraid it would make my car flip over.”

jess-grovesWe stared at her in disbelief. When we asked the inevitable “why,” she explained. Jess did not have a car in Blacksburg the entire time she was a student a Virginia Tech. She rode the bus all over and got rides from friends. She never had a car during her four years in college. Now that she’s a graduate, she has a car. As she drove it to Blacksburg, she had never used the cruise control. Ever. She wasn’t even sure how it worked. So as she talked about her drive back to town for the wedding she was in, this deep fear was revealed.

Her concern that her car might flip over if she pushed a button brought up a good point. How many buttons does your car have that you never push? It’s an interesting thought. There are unlock and lock buttons for my car doors in the center of my console, just underneath my radio that I never push. There’s also a button on my gear shift that allows me to shift my gears manually, if I should ever get into the mood to do so. I never push that button. There’s also a button labeled “Eco” next to my gear shift that I thought was related to economy – as in fuel efficiency.

However, now I’m wondering if it means “Eject Car Operator.”

Thanks, Jess, for the vehicular button uncertainty. (VBU)

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