I stumbled on Michael Hyatt’s post “3 Reasons I Returned My New Macbook Pro with Touch Bar for a Refund: I Fear Apple May Be Losing Its Product Mojo” on accident. I recently upgraded to one of these Macbook, and since doing so, my typing has noticeably slowed. More mistakes. More frustrations.

I was looking for anecdotal stories from others to see why I type worse on the new Macbook Pro keyboard. Maybe others were having the same problem? I discovered there are ALL SORTS OF PROBLEMS with these keyboards. However, all my keys work fine. I just don’t type as well as I did on my Macbook Pro 2015.

I have owned a LOT of Macs, and I totally agree with Hyatt about this Touch Bar. It’s just.. frivolous and really not needed. I want the option of a new Macbook Pro without it.

The Touch Bar is a solution in search of a problem. You can’t touch type with it, so this requires you to take your eyes off the screen to use it. And for what? There’s really nothing it offers that you can’t do already with your mouse, TrackPad gestures, or keyboard. ~ Michael Hyatt

Little did I know..

I upgraded from a 2015 Macbook Pro. Little did I know that some people consider it the standard for typing on MacBooks.

Apple, I’m worried

I’ve been a fan boy since 1988. But guys, Apple is no longer innovating. They are incrementing. Marginal improvements here and there. I stand by my 2015 blog entry – Seven things Apple doesn’t do well. From iPhones with forced Face Recognition (bring back the home button!) to laptops with this dumb Touch Bar and the elimination of helpful ports.. these MacBooks are supposed to be for Pros! Hyatt is right:

As a professional, I count on Apple to deliver great tools that make me more productive. In my opinion, the MacBook Pro fails to do that.


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