I had no idea Christians could get so stupid. Well, I did, but I just hated to see the latest “outrage.” Starbucks released their new holiday cups recently, and they’re all… (wait for it) … red. Solid red. There’s not a snowflake or even a “Happy Holiday” on them. So apparently, people are blowing up the internet with how Starbucks hates Christians or something.


At any rate, Ed Stetzer has a great blog entry and even a USA Today editorial that is a must-read. His CTA (call to action) is important for anyone caught up in this foolishness, and it goes like this:

If you’ve posted an outraged Facebook update, take it down.

However, chances are, if you’ve posted something to Facebook, it’s already been seen. So post an apology underneath the original comment and leave it up as a testimony of your knee-jerk lack of wisdom. Why? Again, Ed nails it:

We have a better story to tell than one of faux outrage. So let’s tell it. It’s not the job of your barista to share the gospel. It’s your job to share the gospel. Don’t get mad about stuff that doesn’t matter. It wastes time and energy and hardens people to what you have to say about the stuff that does matter.

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