mailboxMany years ago, when Carolyn and I had no idea how we were going to make ends meet, we’d pour our hearts out to the Lord in prayer. As a result, God would provide in ways that have made our jaws drop. Often, we’d find money in our mailbox – literally. Sometimes it would have been mailed, and occasionally, there’d be an envelope with cash in it. On more than one occasion, it would be exactly what we needed. We began to call those heavenly gifts our miracles in the mailbox.

These days, we’re experiencing the digital version of God’s provision through the GiveForward campaign that was created for our medical bills. We’ve seen about $27,000 come in through over 100 different sources! They’ve come digitally, and yes… they’ve shown up physically in our mailbox.

More big bills paid off

This afternoon, because of people’s gifts, we were able to pay off our last two BIG bills. From here on out, there are just multiple “smaller bills” ($400 here, $300 there, etc.). We are stunned by how God has provided through people’s generosity.

We’ve been using Little Rock Hematology-Oncology since Carolyn was first diagnosed. They have been gracious with us over these long years, allowing us to pay what we could (usually about $25-50/month). Today, we paid off their bill in full – $3,268.33! In 2011, they became associated with Central Arkansas Radiation Therapy Institute (CARTI), and all new charges since then have been on that account. Today, we were able to pay that account off completely – $3,086.93!

That’s a total of $6355.26 medical bills paid off in one day!! It is so surreal to be this close to being caught up on our medical bills – the first time in our 22+ years of marriage! It’s truly stunning.

Medical update

The latest health update is this: Carolyn has an appointment with a surgeon here on Monday. The doctors in Little Rock want this rogue lymph node removed (deep in her upper leg/lower abdomen) and biopsied to find out what’s going on with this abnormal cell activity. Please continue praying for her/us as we schedule the surgery.

We are praying that it will be like 2009’s surgery and results will come back negative, testing benign.

For those of you who have walked this journey with us (and many of you who have labored in prayer for us), thank you again. We can’t say it enough. Your love, prayers and support have enabled us to rejoice in the Lord. He has been faithful to provide strength, joy and patience in these surreal days.

“Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice.” (Philippians 4:4)

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