I hesitate to recount all the strange body part experiences we’ve had here at the Noble’s household. Ranging from butt boils, ear hair, and broken arms to vitiligo, shingles, and biscuit boogers, we’ve had them all. (The biscuit boogers were just the other day, but I haven’t written about them yet; count yourself fortunate.)

Tonight’s episode with Adelyn may top them all, however. Somehow or another, our beautiful, talented, fun-loving and musical daughter managed to get a hair tangled around one of her tastebuds. I know… it sounds so surreal as to defy imagining. We don’t know how she did it, except that she suddenly declared, “Hey! There’s something on my tongue!” I heard this from the other room, and a few moments later, I heard Caro laughing hysterically.

Of course, upon realizing what was going on, the camera came out. We Noble’s document all our foibles on film (or CF cards) for future generations to shake their heads and say, “What were they thinking?” I think it just helps to remind us that everytime we begin thinking we’re kind of normal, something like this takes place. The pictures document our strangle lives.

Anyway, here’s the photos for your enjoyment…tonguehair.jpg

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