I just can’t believe it.

Twice in one week, I have inadvertently broken two priceless family heirlooms (no wise cracks there, please).

The first accident came Wednesday evening as I was putting clean coffee mugs back into the cabinet after unloading the dishwasher. I saw it happening – as if in slow motion – but could do nothing about it. My Donald Duck coffee mug (one of my oldest) tottered on the edge of the shelf, teetering for a split second as if in hesitancy, before it committed suicide onto the counter below.

I was shocked at such utter disregard for the value of life. I wondered if I hadn’t been using it enough lately. What could it have been thinking, I wondered in numbness. I had obviously yelled out during the moment because my wife and daughter came running. They saw my crestfallen face and each responded in their normal fashion – Carolyn cackled; Adelyn comforted. Specifically, Adelyn went promptly to her room and drew me a picture of Daisy kissing Donald (which she traced from one of her books). It’s now hanging on the wall behind my computer.

The second incident occurred this morning and resulted in some perfectly parsed profanity, I’m sad to say. I reached across my bureau to get our Noble Media Services file folder, and in doing so my porcelain, musical wind-up Donald jumped off the shelf in another fit of self-hate. Fortunately, my foot broke most of its fall, but not before Donald broke his foot in the process. You can see the chip off the foot in the picture. Now I have a chip off the old duck…

I have collected Donald paraphernalia since reading Disney comics as a kid. Donald is my favorite character – bar none. I am deeply worried about his self-esteem however and am looking for duck depression doctors – but don’t recommend to me some quack.

I really thinks something fowl is afoot. My feathers are ruffled, and I’m worried about what Donald may do when I’m not looking. So, if you have any helpful thoughts, be sure to leave them as you take a gander at the rest of my site. By the way, beak-airful out there. It’s a dangerous world for ducks.

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