Our Mr. Bug Exterminators, 3rd-4th grade peewee football team, fell before the Ryburn Mustangs, 14-0. Our black-jerseyed youngsters slammed into a ready Ryburn defense three times under the 20 yard line and were unable to put the ball in the endzone. Although disappointed, the boys’ faces glowed under our coach’s yelling encouragement, “You have nothing to be ashamed of. You beat every team in this league once!” Final record for Mr. Bug: 3-3. Another year of impacting these boys for me: priceless.

On Car Flu
Someone related to me the other day that my tail light was out. Bummer. Who knows when I’ll make the initiative to replace it. It’s one of those things I never see, so I never think about it. Maybe blogging about it will seal the need in my mind enough to recall during my next Wal-Mart stroll.

On the other hand, I noticed while singing at a stop light the other day that the car in front of me had a tail light out. What’s even weirder, the car in front of it also had a tail light out. As I drove south on Highway 425 to peewee football practice, I passed another car with its tail light out. My conclusion? Car flu. Pure and simple. We humans snort and sniff, but apparently cars experience a tail light outage.

There’s a current car flu epidemic raging through Monticello. Get your car innoculated soon!

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