Got this tag from Becca’s blog… Great gal! Here goes.

+ Put your music player on shuffle.
+ Press forward for each question.
+ Use the song title as the answer to the question.
+ No cheating!
+ If a song repeats, go onto the next one…for variety’s sake.

  • How am I feeling today?: The Emptiest Day – Caedmon’s Call
  • Will I get far in life? Grace Like Rain – Todd Agnew
  • How do my friends see me?: Big Yellow Taxi – Amy Grant (this is definitely not working!)
  • What is my best friend’s theme song?: The Birthday of a King – Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir (I’m feeling an infusion of estrogen)
  • What is the story of my life?: All I Can Do – Jump5
  • What is/was high school like?: Is Anyone Thirsty? – Jeff Berry (ok, this one was cool)
  • How can I get ahead in life?: OctoberMike Graham
  • What is the best thing about me?: Free As a Bird – Beatles
  • How is today going to be?: Hosea – Shane Barnard
  • What is in store for this weekend?: I Have Been There – Mark Schultz
  • What song describes my parents?: Lot of Leavin’ Left to Do – Dierks Bentley (honest, Mom! That’s what came up! … uh, can I have the Jeep?)
  • My grandparents?: Unfazed – The Waiting (they’re probably unfazed because they’re dead…)
  • How is my life going?: One of These Days – FFH (good for a perpetual procrastinator)
  • What song will they play at my funeral?: The Battle Is Already Won! – Keith Green (this was cool too)
  • How does the world see me?: Visions of God – David Phelps
  • Will I have a happy life?: Holy Is Your Name – City on a Hill
  • What do my friends really think of me?: Farmer’s Daughter – Beach Boys (ha!)
  • How can I make myself happy?: Lush Life – Nat King Cole
  • What should I do with my life?: Mother Nature’s Son – Beatles
  • What is some good advice for me?: Carol of the Bells – Point of Grace
  • What is my signature dancing song?: Wasted Words – The Allman Brothers
  • What do I think my theme song is? Railroad Blues – Ben Coulter
  • What does everyone else think my theme song is? The Jitterbug – Harry Connick, Jr.
  • What did I think of this whole thing? I Write the Songs – Barry Manilow

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