The must-have appIf you’re a Mac user and haven’t yet discovered the simplicity and ease of Quicksilver, then you might as well convert back to a PC… No, not really. That would be ridiculous.

However, I’ve found that Quicksilver is a can’t-live-without piece of software (and it’s free!) for the Mac. In just a quick keyboard shortcut (mine is command-space), I can launch any program, find a contact, schedule an appointment, and generally do anything! It’s much better than Mac’s built-in feature.

Go download and try it out today! I’ve got mine set to load with my Mac, so it’s always running. You can do this by going to System Preferences->Accounts->Login Items and then clicking on the “+” icon below. Navigate to your applications folder and click on Quicksilver. (download and install it first) Voila! You’re ready to roll!

There’s also some great video tutorials here!

Update (9/8/07): There’s a great list of essential “hacks” for Quicksilver here on Engadget.

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