I spend a LOT of time in front of the computer. Much of it is updating various websites, mainly MonticelloLive. However, I’ve gotten to set up a few sites recently with WordPress, and I enjoy doing that. I was inspired and amused recently to see Mark’s post about his bulletin board. While I don’t have a board, I thought I’d share with you my nook.

First off, for almost two years, I was in the studio that we built as an addition to the house. It was primarily built for Carolyn’s studio, but when I started Noble Design, I officed out of it for that time. The main thing I didn’t like about it was that I felt like I was in a dungeon – consigned to suffer in loneliness and solitude. No one ever came by. No one ever visited. Sniff.

Finally, I was able to catch Carolyn in a weak moment and convinced her to let me set up in a “corner of the dining room,” were my exact words. I promised to keep it clean and uncluttered. (Promise broken in approximately one day, three hours) But I love my nook now. It’s bright and airy due to the windows and French doors (which are hardly ever closed). I’m smack in the middle of whatever activity is going on in the house – whether friends dropping by or kids fighting. I don’t know why I enjoy that, but I’m a great tuner-outer and multi-tasker, so it works for me. With all that said… I present to you… my nook

.dsc04714.JPGHere’s my desk area. No surprises here. An iMac G5 Core Duo 2 Intel 2.16 ghz, with 1 gig RAM and just full of sweetness and joy.

dsc04718.JPG Left side of desk features, of course a Far Side calendar (usually behind). Also, taped on the wall in direct rebellion to the precise symmetry of the fancy photos of the kids is a random collection of art by those same kids. You can see my MonticelloLive pencil holder that Carolyn got me for Christmas, and just behind the calendar my handy-dandy address stamp. There’s also a picture of Caro hiding back there. You can barely see the edge of my coffee mug warmer in the far right of the photo (rarely used).

dsc04719.JPGThe left side of the desk sports a fancy-schmancy MonticelloLive mousepad, also received at Christmas from a loving wife. In addition, it has a set of Monopoly coasters that I bought from Sam from one of his school’s fundraisers. There’s also a reindeer-felt pen thingy that smells like vanilla. I don’t know where it came from. A video given to me by Brandi to dub for a presentation for church that I never did sits off to the side. I’ve got two cool pictures of our family from recent years set in “Journey” picture frames. The trust tape dispenser is actually where it should be at the time of this pictue, but my stapler has been “borrowed” by a family member not to be named here. Finally, there’s a box of Kleenex that I keep for the blogs I read that just touch me deeply… or they could be there for plain old snot.

dsc04717.JPG Looking down the wall, you see a dresser/shelf thing that was actually my dresser growing up. I think the shelf was too. Don’t quote me on that. It’s full of stuff in the drawers for work-related needs. The shelves keep my next-up book collection. I’m pretty disciplined about reading what’s on those shelves first, trying to resist the tempation to acquire more books before these are read. Of course, I’ve got shelves full of unread books in the studio, and as I knock some of these out, I will move some from the studio to the lucky position of next-up. However, usually what happens is a friend will loan a book or I’ll see one that someone recommends and snatch it from Amazon.

dsc04720.JPG On the dresser is a Donald Duck paperweight that I’ve had for quite a while. He’s my favorite Disney character. That’s why many of my email addresses refer to “quackup,” and it’s also why my fantasy football teams are named Killer Ducks and Thunder Ducks. Then there’s an incredible picture of my bride, who is prettier today than she ever was. You can see an OBU alumni sticker still waiting to be afixed to my car’s bumper. The bottom shelf books are reserved for some of my study Bibles, journals and discipleship materials.

dsc04721.JPGOther book shelves are full of, well, books. There ya go. Like they always say, “Remember, wherever you go… there you are.”

dsc04724.JPGTop shelf proudly displays fantasy football plaques and players for continued inspiration. I’ve been an avid fantasy football coach/commissioner for almost 15 years! One of my leagues has friends that I went to OBU with, and the other league is full of friends from Monticello.

dsc04726.JPG The tip-top of the unit has two inspirational plaque thingies. One has words that reference “Character,” and the other one bears this saying:

  • Success is making a difference in the lives of others.
  • Happiness is watching them grow because of it. Make a difference!

A mighty fine silver bowl sports this inscription: “Jeff Noble, Pulaski Academy’s Distinguished Alumnus 2003.” Ooooo. It contains an important document that was made by my daughter that simply reads, “I love my dady.”



Above is a picture of the whole nook experience. Now, if only I can convince Carolyn to get rid of that pesky table in the middle of the room, it would be truly complete. Of course, it’s very useful as a horizontal filing system.

So what’s your “nook” look like?

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