Tonight, our neighbor across the street informed Carolyn that she thinks her boys have forgiven Adelyn. When Carolyn asked why, here’s the story that unraveled.

This morning, Adelyn and the other kids in the neighborhood were waiting on the school bus (very Rockwellian). That’s when Billy and DJ began to brag that they had gotten out of the house without having to wear their school picture clothes. Apparently their mom had set them out the night before, but the two siblings had managed to get out in what Adelyn has since described as “just Michael Jordan shorts.”

Adelyn and her friend Michelle were horrified that these two boys were not excited about school pictures and that they had done this to their mom.

They promptly marched to the front door of the boys’ house. The boys anxiously dashed in ahead of them, trying to prevent their mom from coming to the door. It was too late. Adelyn proudly ratted out her neighborhood buddies. The result?

The boys missed the bus while they were forced to change, and their mom brought them to school a while later. The two stool pigeonettes rode smugly to school on the bus, confident that they’d done a good deed.

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