I went and did a thing.

I started a podcast. I’m excited about Ordinary Celebrity. I am a reader. I don’t listen to a ton of podcasts. When I do, I typically listen at 1.5x speed. I know I can read faster than I can listen, and when I’m digesting content, sometimes I want to do so at my own speed.

However, I think the podcast thing may be a thing. Apparently the rest of you enjoy them.

I’ve been encouraged by some (and dreamed with others) about starting a podcast. I floated the idea of a stand-up routine to a few folks, but that met with seated silence. Years ago, I commiserated with a few folks about having a radio show to talk about fantasy football and my valuable opinion about everything else. That didn’t take either.

But anyone can start a podcast. Thus, Ordinary Celebrity.. I was featured on the Life Experienced podcast a while back, and Ethan’s know-how was a nudge for me as well! I was brainstorming with Jonathan Kabongo a few weeks back, and I confessed to him my desire to have coffee with Tom Cruise, to visit with him, and how much fun it would be to have a podcast where I talked real life with celebrities. He mentioned that everyone has a story. When I looked into the word “celebrity,” it simply means “someone/something worthy of celebrating.” And that’s when it hit me, and this new podcast was birthed.

Whether someone has achieved public celebrity (Tom) or your next-door neighbor, classmate, parent, or co-worker, everyone deserves celebrity. And that’s what this podcast will be about.

Maybe it will get big enough to allow me to sit down with Tom over a cup of coffee and a microphone.

I want to invite along for the journey.

A few deets:

I’ve chosen to podcast through Anchor at the recommendation of Sam (who beat me to a fantasy football podcast) and Ethan. One nice feature: you can use Anchor to leave voice messages that I can use in future podcast episodes for a “look back” at previous episodes.

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