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I’m new to Typepad (having used iBlog mostly, as well as Blogwave Studio) and have spent this evening copying and pasting posts from my old blog into this new blog.

Therefore, even though all the posts you see are dated today (September 10), they are all old.

I’m committing myself to blogging regularly (yea, right!), so we’ll see how that goes.


Our town of Monticello (southeast Arkansas) has been the temporary home to some incredible people from Louisiane over the last two weeks since Katrina hit. I’ve been amazed to see the outpouring of support and help for them from dozens of different avenues. However, it’s been my observation that in town after town across the south, it’s been the churches who have mobilized this most amazing relief effort.

We have less than 10,000 folks here, but the churches have united the city in their effort to serve the displaced people here. At one time, we were feeding more than 300 daily at the First Assembly of God Church and Immanuel Baptist Church.

Our church (Journey) distributed bags with laundry detergent and rolls of quarters for washing as well as helped host a catered catfish dinner at our city park.

While relief efforts and rescue has been massive in MS and LA, I almost believe the bigger story is the hundreds of towns across the south who have opened their homes, doors, kitchens, churches, closets, and wallets to serve and help our due-south neighbors.

I am confident that only a people with an ingrained Christian-ethic would operate such a massive mobilization of compassion. Think about that.

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