In a recent entry, I wrote:

What we are bombarded with daily, from celebrity foibles to political gaffes, is not conversation. It’s an attack on the mind. Truly. You didn’t wake up asking or even wanting to know about Miley Cyrus’ photographs. Nor were you particularly prepared to handle the immensity of a Chinese earthquake that killed 50,000. But as soon as you allowed The Voice into your consciousness – either through radio, television, print, or web, your already-crowded awareness had to make room for more thoughts that most likely are not relevant to the person you want to become or the world that you live in.

Now there is a study out that says young adults suffer from “news fatigue.”

Young adults experience news fatigue from being inundated by facts and updates and have trouble accessing in-depth stories.. A key finding was that participants yearned for quality and in-depth reporting but had difficulty immediately accessing such content because they were bombarded by facts and updates in headlines and snippets of news.

How about you? How are you limiting your information intake? I think it must be a conscious choice to pare down your channels that elevate your “brain noise.” Throw out your best suggestions.

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