On Monday, I’ll be flying out with four friends from our church to meet with a great friend who has moved to Montenegro.

Part of former Yugoslavia, Montenegro voted for independence in 2006, and has since been envisioning and building its future. This South European hidden gem is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Montenegro is mountains and coastline packed into a 3-hour cross-country drive.

Brit Boone is the new owner and operator of a fantastic website to explore Montenegro and south Europe called meanderbug.com. The site seeks to demonstrate the physical and cultural beauty of southern Europe and connect travelers with countries that are overlooked and under appreciated.

Our team will be exploring some of the amazing places in Montenegro with a view toward forming relational and cultural partnerships that we hope produce significant connections and long-term benefits for our area of southwest Virginia and for the business owners, families and students that we interact with in Montenegro. Through this cultural exchange, we’ll learn from their culture and people as well as establish collaborative relationships. Through this and the trips to come, we’ll all benefit from this continuing partnership of life.

Our team is taking cameras – still and video – (including GoPros) to help document the beauty, sites, people and economic opportunities that lie in the country. Montenegro is home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites with six more on the tentative list!

Bay of Kotor. Credit: meanderbug.com

Bay of Kotor. Credit: meanderbug.com

Our church is excited about how we will be able to build strategic relationships of trust and love with Montenegrins that will become a foundation for interaction of all kinds. With that said, as a pastor, I’m trying to help supplement and alleviate the cost that the church will pay to cover my trip.

The Ask:
Would you consider giving to help support my trip? It’s a great joy and privilege to be a involved in an opportunity like this, and I’d love for you to be involved through your prayers and giving.


  • What: Discovery Trip to determine means and methods of building effective paths for longterm connections, interaction and blessing of the people and culture of Montenegro
  • Where: Montenegro
  • When: May 19-28
  • Cost: $2500
  • Who: Sponsored by Northstar Church in partnership with meanderbug.com


Any extra income will be used to help support those who will go after us. (We’re making a multi-year commitment to this area of the world for blessing and influence).

Stay tuned for some blog posts from me and our team as we visit:

  • Žabljak – a beautiful town nestled in the Balkan Mountains near Mount Durmitor. Legend has it that it’s the home of fairies, dragons and devils. Oh my. The Durmitor National Park is a UNESCO site.
  • Kotor – a stunning coastal town on the Mediterranean whose history echoes off every stone. (UNESCO site)
  • Budva. Credit: meanderbug.com

    Budva. Credit: meanderbug.com

    Budva – on the coast of the Adriatic, it has 35 beautiful beaches that will coax you out of your shoes

  • Podgorica – the capital city of Montenegro (and where we’ll be flying into) is centrally located and is billed as Europe’s warmest city.

Within two hours, you can be almost anywhere in the country. The beauty of the coast is only an hour away by car, and the majesty of the mountains a mere hour and a half. Podgorica’s location also opens the door for multi-country travel. Sarajevo, Mostar, Tirana, and Skopje are a half-day journey. (Source)

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