Mark 5.
It’s important to be honest before God’s people and not stand before them constantly presenting an unblemished life.

Jairus and bleeding woman. Someone else’s miracle can be your discouragement. Imagine Jairus’ heart. Jesus went with him! And now his daughter was dead! Have you ever had a dream or vision that has died in process?

Others are celebrating, but you are mourning. What you hoped would happen has not happened. It’s gone from bad to worse. We like Jairus say, “Why bother?”

Mark 5.36 “Ignoring what they said…” best verse. Sometimes walking in radical faith means practicing selective hearing. Are we going to listen to them or listen to Jesus?

“Don’t be afraid; just believe.” Jesus said to a man whose daughter had just died… Some of you are trying to figure out something that God tells you to “just believe.” Don’t apply human logic to divine promises.

The reason God isn’t moving in your situation is because He is above your situation.

5.40 “but they laughed at Him” I hope someone is laughing at your vision! And then he “put them all out.” Be courageous enough to get rid of the laughers and doubters.

“Hey Jairus, He who began a good work will be faithful to complete it!” (Philippians 1.6)

Is it possible that God let something die in your life to show the world that He has something better in mind that will display His power and glory?!

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