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“On the wrong side of history”

Ever had someone tell you that? It’s generally used in a demeaning way and is meant to undercut not only your opinion but also all those who may hold to your worldview. Kevin DeYoung has a great contribution to why this phrase is impotent.

No doubt, the “wrong side of history” retort is rhetorically powerful. But it also happens to be intellectually bankrupt. What’s wrong with the phrase? At least three things.

Cool Air

Not only is Kevin Delaney from Little Rock, Arkansas and is on staff with the Museum of Natural History. His guest appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s show is fantastic as he demonstrates some “cool air.”

The history of the iPhone

This is a fantastic walk-through of the history of the iPhone. Smart phones glut the market these days, but I can still remember 2007 when I had the first iPhone on the day of its release. People would literally crowd around me to watch me demonstrate how you could flip through icons, take pictures, and see the interactivity of its touch screen. It was released in April 2007, but in December 2006, I wrote this post and said:

If you were preparing to upgrade your phone, you might want to wait. The iPhone, I predict, will eventually dominate the cellular industry like the iPod has the digital music one.

I feel like a prophet.

Beware utilitarianism

It’s another -ism that has consumed American culture. Essentially, utilitarianism is a mindset that focuses on “what works.” If it leads to a desired outcome, it must be morally acceptable. It also embraces an avoidance of pain and a pursuit of pleasure (because it would make sense to avoid pain and seek pleasure). At times, utilitarianism can be misconstrued as good old common sense. When this perspective dominates your thinking, you may discover that it’s at odds with the Christian faith.

God is not as concerned with outcomes as He is with the intentions of our hearts. Good actions with bad intentions do not please God. (Source)

If you’d like to read more about this philosophy, here is another source to get you started:

I’d also love to hear if you know of other sources and books about it.

Make your Gmail experience better

This article gives you five add-ons that will make your web Gmail experience better. Of the five, I can vouch for Boomerang. This service allows you to schedule your email responses. I will sometimes do use it when I don’t want to bother someone on a particular day (i.e., a staff member’s day off), and so I schedule the email to be sent the following morning.

Boy’s visit to heaven admitted false

“…the story of Alex Malarkey that inspired the book The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven was fabricated, Tyndale House Publishers immediately put the book and all other ancillary products into out-of-print status.” (Source)

This cartoon says it all.


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