Nuff said is a collection of posts/articles from around the web that has drawn my attention in the following ways:

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Here’s what I’ve noticed lately:

Get Ready for the Most Super Ordinary Sunday Ever!

I think Trevin Wax nails it in this post about the temptation to promote every. single. Sunday. as being “the best ever” or “you don’t want to miss!” Church staff unfortunately want everyone to show up each Sunday (and then some). There is a significant difference between what church leaders consider “regular attendance” (every Sunday) and what church members now think of as regular attendance (2x a month). That’s worth another post for another day.

But let’s face it. Not every message, every song, every service will be spectacular.

Brothers, we are not hype-machines.

He offers three thoughts that are worth repeating here. (I encourage you to click over and read the whole article):

  1. Let’s not overemphasize the dramatic results of one incredible worship service and underemphasize the long-term results of faithful, ordinary church-going.
  2. Be thankful for the days when God performs open-heart surgery on us through His Word.
  3. Let’s not downplay the ordinary Sundays – the beauty of God’s service to His children on non-holiday weekends, the Sundays that don’t stand out on the calendar.

Is a Way Forward for a “United” Methodist Church Really a Way Forward? 

This was an article written in 2014 – before February’s disturbingly close affirmation of biblical teaching about sexuality. In a vote of global clergy, 438 voted in favor of a traditional, biblical interpretation of scripture and 384 voted against (53% to 47%). That close of a margin portends deep fissures for the future.

Asbury Theological Seminary President Timothy Tennent began a series of articles about the U.S. denomination’s “way forward” proposed by some of their leading pastors, including Adam Hamilton, Mike Slaughter and others. He advocates “holy contention” and says that the proposal by these leaders borders on inevitable compromise of biblical teaching and does not preserve denominational unity.

It’s powerful to consider his prophetic voice five years before the events of this past February and well worth reflecting on again.

The Top 35 Blogs Christian Leaders Need To Continually Read In 2019

Do you read blogs? You should. 😉 Brian Dodd offers a great list of blogs to consider reading, and he breaks them down into categories. What blogs would you add to the list?

  • Aggregators (blogs that scour the net and seek to post the overall best content)
  • Pastors
  • Executive Pastors
  • Church Consultants
  • Culture
  • Women
  • Students
  • Small Groups
  • Business
  • Communications

I’d include an additional category of “Upcoming Bloggers” for new/young bloggers just getting started who demonstrate a lot of promise and are worth following.

If you’re a blogger, drop me a link to your blog in the comments!

True Doctrine Doesn’t Wait

This article by Christianity Today editor Mark Galli was written back in June. He addresses briefly the temptation in the church today of placing love over truth.

That we should be compassionate and ethical nearly goes without saying—our take on “beautiful orthodoxy” certainly includes them. But there’s a reason Paul, in epistle after epistle, devotes so much space to clarifying theology before he moves on to ethical exhortation: We cannot truly love the neighbor if we don’t know the truth about our existence and God.

It was profound that one of the headlines today was about renowned Christian author/pastor Joshua Harris renouncing his faith and leaving Christianity. He was well-known for writing I Kissed Dating Goodbye which he eventually recanted its message. It’s ironic to consider that his last book was published in 2011 and titled Dug Down Deep: Building Your Life on Truths That Last.

Harris announced his “falling away” in an Instagram post: “I have undergone a massive shift in regard to my faith in Jesus. The popular phrase for this is “deconstruction,” the biblical phrase is “falling away.” By all the measurements that I have for defining a Christian, I am not a Christian. Many people tell me that there is a different way to practice faith and I want to remain open to this, but I’m not there now.”⁣⁣

I’m sad to see Josh Harris kissing Christianity goodbye. He may find it’s easier for him to let go of God than God is willing to let go of him. 

Youth Pastor Accidental Screenshare

John Crist. The guy makes me laugh.




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