Caro picked up the kids the other day, and apparently on the way home, Adelyn got crosswise with the family. She announced that she was “tired of being small,” entered the house, packed her suitcases and raincoat, and announced that she was running away.

Carolyn, being the insensitive parent, laughed hysterically from her study window as she watched Adelyn head down the driveway with her luggage. I was the the thoughtful parent and ran to get my trusty Treo to record a few moments from Sam’s bedroom window.

You’ll notice that she got as far as the end of the driveway before she stopped, frozen in thought. I’m sure there was a holy hush outside as creation stilled itself for this solemn second-grader in her flight for freedom. Inside the house, however, Carolyn cackled like a banshee, and the Treo clicked away.

After a few moments, she headed south. Down the side of the house to the patio. It was there that she set down her things, pulled a picture of the family that she’d packed in her luggage and placed it carefully on the patio table. Our cat, Smokey, dutifully guarded the thoughts of the-one-who-would-be-big.

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