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Discipleship Story: Kyle Pfeifer

How can you learn principles of discipleship from spikeball? Kyle Pfeifer will show you how!

More reasons people leave the church

It’s hard to believe that saying “yes” too much may lead someone to leave your church. Another possibility for leavers is when a member becomes embarrassed about their uninvolvement.

Discipleship Story: Phillip Slaughter

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Introduction: Discipleship Stories

This is the introductory post to the “Discipleship Stories” series and traces my experience and history with discipleship.

The danger of “the”

What would you think if you learned one small three-letter word – an article at that – impacts your perspective and view of how personal God is?

A hypothetical Father’s Day

Happy Father’s day to my dad. A committed reader, a devoted pray-er, a faithful downer of milk shakes and a constant supporter. I am grateful for his model.

Make much of Jesus

Jesus Christ. Good. Worthy. Glorious. Kind. Constant. May He fill our hearts, imaginations and conversations. This post is another feeble attempt of mine to make much of Him.

Joseph and Nick: leaving legalism

Leaving a legalistic background where you’ve gained prominence and position is a difficult decision. This story of two men who risked it all when it was too late to do so is both curious and inspiring.

Calling a Facebook foul

What do you do when Facebook begins limiting your influence as a blogger? And then you face a wider problem of overall censorship and the intentional limitation of true, civilized dialogue?

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