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Tim Cook doesn’t “Think Different”

Tim Cook is leading Apple to make all kinds of money. But is he thinking different?

Tired of Facebook defaulting to “Top Stories?”

Thanks so much for stopping by! If you enjoy the content, please subscribe to the RSS feed for more. Feel free to leave comments. Your participation enriches the blog!Facebook. Ugh. Go away. But until you do, make it easier on… Continue Reading →

Why can’t type on the new Macbook Pro 2018?!

I stumbled on Michael Hyatt’s post “3 Reasons I Returned My New Macbook Pro with Touch Bar for a Refund: I Fear Apple May Be Losing Its Product Mojo” on accident. I recently upgraded to one of these Macbook, and since doing… Continue Reading →

Guest Blogger: The Best Job I Never Had

I asked Aaron Peck to write a guest blog about “The Best Job I Never Had.” This is his submission.

Reform kings: Trump and Josiah

Dare I compare godly King Josiah of Israel to President Donald Trump? In 2016, I saw a similarity between Trump and King Cyrus of Persia. This entry compares the aggressive reform programs of Josiah and Trump.

Random Thoughts: Blog vs Twitter, Twitter purge, country music, random quotes, advice to grads

What do YOU do with your “random thoughts?” Do you collect them in an app or do you just forget them? I’m a note-taking and Siri abuser. Here’s a few of mine…

Mother’s Day win

Mother’s Day gifts are something that give men conniptions. There’s so much pressure! This year, it was a toss-up.. or should I say… throw?

Wendy’s vs Five Guys

Many of you know that Wendy’s is my favorite fast-food place. In fact, there’s only one place that comes close to displacing it in my heart, and that’s the shining display of deliciousness at Golden Coral, but that’s another post… Continue Reading →

Random thoughts: Internet magic, stealth phone, ring back tones, Venmo, Sinemia and Moviepass

Here’s some random thoughts I’ve had lately on the inter webs, “free” movies, Venmo and more. None of them were worthy enough an entire blog entry.

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