The following picture is not for the squeamish of heart. My wife will be embarrassed that I’ve posted this, but I wanted to invite everyone else into my own misery of the last few days. Dsc01907_2

I also recall a comment a friend made a while back about bloggers who are never transparent with their real lives. Most of the bloggers I know don’t fall into this category, but I wanted to make sure that I qualify.

What you see above is a boil. A boil is “a skin disease caused by the inflammation of hair follicles, thus resulting in the localized accumulation of pus and dead tissues.” (Thanks, Wikipedia.)

Here’s the best part. It’s on my left butt cheek. Yep. Gag now and keep reading.

I did start out as a small bump, but over the weekend grew to the size of an egg within my posterior. It’s extremely painful, tight, and hot. Yesterday, it began to get so bothersome, that whenever I stood up, I almost buckled from the pain. Today.. misery.

I made Carolyn try to “pop it” with needles, alcohol and liberal squeezing. (Mom, you still with us?) to no avail. In desperation, I went to the doctor today – it takes something huge to send me there. After sitting in the waiting room visiting pleasantly (as much as a man with a boil on his butt can visit pleasantly) with Carolyn (yes, my wife is superwoman!!!), Kim Piggot, and Clay Brown, I was finally called to the back. There, Doc Connelley tried to stick it with a sharp knife. No explosion. Just pain.

The result? Pain meds (yippee!) and antibiotics. Dangit! I wanted instant relief, but it looks like I’m in for another night of sitting on a heat pad, catching up with this past season of Smallville.

I’m sure many of you could offer some interesting application from all this – even spiritual. I’d be interested in the conclusions you draw.

The End (literally)

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