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We need good news

We need good news. Here’s a book that offers some surprising insights and re-interpretations of data that may help encourage you. In addition to exposing some faulty perceptions, it will also redirect your attention to your mind’s thirst for what’s good and right about our world.

Top Books I Read in 2019

I ended up reading 43 books in 2019. That surprised me. Reading is deeply enjoyable for me, and as you’ll see from this year’s list, it involved spirituality, nonfiction, and fiction as brain candy. Let me know what you read last year that you think I’d enjoy, and also if something I recommend makes it onto your 2020 list.

Book Review: “The Rest of God”

This book is intended to either restore or bequeath sabbath to you. It will show you that you are designed to enjoy the Sabbath and that God made a day of rest on purpose – for us. It’s not a day to relished as a “day off.” Rather, when you recover Sabbath in your life, you will find yourself re-learning how to enjoy and revel in Him.

What are you reading?

Here’s a quick look at two books I’m currently reading and enjoying. Help me develop my “next list” by sharing what you’re also reading. If you’re not my “friend” on Goodreads, let’s link up.

Review: “Openness Unhindered” by Rosario Butterfield

Rosario Butterfield’s second book is a beautifully-written and vulnerable reflection on life as a Christian heterosexual after years of living as a non-Christian lesbian. Her scriptural faithfulness and commitment to re-examining sexuality in general in the middle of a cultural firestorm has gotten this book banned from Amazon.

Book Club: “What’s Best Next”

I posted on Instagram yesterday that I’m beginning a new book and invited anyone interested to read with me. I was pleased to see a few takers there. For followers of the blog, I’m putting it out there for your… Continue Reading →

Review: CSB Christ Chronological Bible

How does a late-night bowl of Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes (Yes, they’re a thing!) result in a Bible purchase? Read on…

Review: All Things Good

Hannah Anderson’s book on discernment is worth reading, and as we seek “all that’s good,” we are urged to not just identify the good, but to practice it.

Top Books I Read in 2018

I use Goodreads to help me keep track of my reading, leave brief reviews and get book recommendations. It’s really a fantasist resource. I set a goal of reading 25 books this past year after reading 26 in 2017. I thought… Continue Reading →

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