BinocularsA few years ago, I developed the following as my personal ministry vision statement. I stumbled back across it today while I was looking for something else on my computer and was encouraged by it. (Is it possible to be self-encouraged?) I guess I simply pleased to see that what I wrote then still means a lot to me now.

“Creative, loving, and inspired ministry that loosens the burdens of religion and leads people to a lifetime, obedient relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Each word in that vision statement is very significant to me and describes my spiritual pilgrimage to this point. Creativity is important to me, not just because advertising and graphic design are in my background, but because from the beginning, our God was a creative God; I don’t believe there is any room for stagnancy in Christianity. Love is the central theme of the Bible, and it is the imperative of the Great Commandment. It is only through daily submission that inspiration will come, and it is only through inspiration that I find the strength to carry out God’s work.

There are five “L” words that I consider essential to Christianity: loving, loosening, leading, lifetime, and Lord.

There are two “R” words that are distinctive: religion and relationship. They are not the same. May God use me to accomplish His purposes.
It was a profitable exercise for me then, and I think it might be so for any of you who want to embark upon it as well.

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