It culminated the other day when my wife told me I had a bad reputation.

My mom had said something rather accusatorially the other day as well.

It goes something like this… I don’t answer my cell phone very often. People call me… a lot. They know I have it with me. But I don’t answer it. So, my lack of picking up the phone apparently gives me a bad reputation.

Let me respond.

These people who are calling me AREN’T paying my cell phone bill. I’ve yet to receive a supplement cell check from any of them.

Another thing: I’m scatter-brained. Very. It’s a curse. If I am focused on something and get sidetracked, it’s very possible that I will forget what I was originally doing and not get back to it till later. Many times, when my cell rings, I’m in the middle of something, even if it’s thinking about something important. This same curse causes me to often wander around the church or my home looking for a coffee cup, pen, wallet, you name it. Anything I’ve had with me, set down for a moment, and then been interrupted.

So anyway… what was I talking about?

Oh yeah. Anyway, my cell phone is mine. I pay the bill. It’s for my convenience, not anyone else’s. Since I have this nifty blog, how about all of you just leave me messages here via the comment form? Wouldn’t THAT be great?

With the advent of cell phones, everybody wants you available to them on their timetable, at that moment, for their convenience. I’m sorry, but I don’t even like talking on the phone anyway, much less to be “on call” all the time.

So here’s an idea… leave a comment on my blog if you want me to contact you in some way.

Or you can try to call my cell phone…

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