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New Podcast: Ordinary Celebrity

My new podcast highlights the celebrity in everyone. Is it all for the sneaky goal of getting coffee with Tom Cruise? Hmmm. That’s up to you to decide. But everyone has something worthy of celebrating.

Podcast: We Six Kings

A few observations from Sunday’s sermon. Dale Ralph Davis said in his commentary on 1 Kings, “Sin is never creative but merely imitative and repetitious. Maybe you can sin with flair but you can’t sin with freshness. You can only ape what’s already been done. “

The Love Deficit in the Church

On Sunday, I had the privilege of preaching at Valley Bible Church in Radford, Virginia. The message was titled The Love Deficit in the Church. I began with “Bon Jovi had it right when he said, ‘Shot through the heart… Continue Reading →

Watch Me Discipleship

Here is a new Podcast… from November 4, 2005, where I talk about how to practice discipleship in today’s era… Part 1. Part 2 will come in a few days… Download Watch Me Discipleship.

Welcome Widebody!

I’m excited to have cursed/influenced a new blogger to join the scene at Typepad… Ya’ll check out Matt Parker’s new blog at! Matt’s embarked on a duanting personal challenge. He plans to document – through his blog – his… Continue Reading →

Reading Group

This podcast is a recording of our first reading group. I’ve invited several church leaders in our area to this bi-weekly gathering to discuss “The Shaping of Things to Come.” It’s exciting to be challenged together by material like this…. Continue Reading →

Beginner’s Podcasting….

Download Trailcast-10.07 – “Beginner’s Podcasting.”

New Podcast

This Podcast contains the Sunday a.m. teaching message at Journey Church. We’ve been in a study all year demonstating the continuity of scripture and the ongoing theme of God’s glory. This message was our first one in the New Testament…. Continue Reading →

A Stab at Podcasting…

OK…. Here goes… I got my Griffin iTalk in yesterday and immediately recorded a first thought or two on it. There’s no significant content in it; I’m mainly trying to figure out how the whole process of recording, converting, and… Continue Reading →

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