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Podcast: We Six Kings

A few observations from Sunday’s sermon. Dale Ralph Davis said in his commentary on 1 Kings, “Sin is never creative but merely imitative and repetitious. Maybe you can sin with flair but you can’t sin with freshness. You can only ape what’s already been done. “

The Love Deficit in the Church

On Sunday, I had the privilege of preaching at Valley Bible Church in Radford, Virginia. The message was titled The Love Deficit in the Church. I began with “Bon Jovi had it right when he said, ‘Shot through the heart… Continue Reading →

Watch Me Discipleship

Here is a new Podcast… from November 4, 2005, where I talk about how to practice discipleship in today’s era… Part 1. Part 2 will come in a few days… Download Watch Me Discipleship.

Welcome Widebody!

I’m excited to have cursed/influenced a new blogger to join the scene at Typepad… Ya’ll check out Matt Parker’s new blog at! Matt’s embarked on a duanting personal challenge. He plans to document – through his blog – his… Continue Reading →

Reading Group

This podcast is a recording of our first reading group. I’ve invited several church leaders in our area to this bi-weekly gathering to discuss “The Shaping of Things to Come.” It’s exciting to be challenged together by material like this…. Continue Reading →

Beginner’s Podcasting….

Download Trailcast-10.07 – “Beginner’s Podcasting.”

New Podcast

This Podcast contains the Sunday a.m. teaching message at Journey Church. We’ve been in a study all year demonstating the continuity of scripture and the ongoing theme of God’s glory. This message was our first one in the New Testament…. Continue Reading →

A Stab at Podcasting…

OK…. Here goes… I got my Griffin iTalk in yesterday and immediately recorded a first thought or two on it. There’s no significant content in it; I’m mainly trying to figure out how the whole process of recording, converting, and… Continue Reading →

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