It’s our Sunday ritual… after returning from church/lunch with friends, Caro and I usually crash and just hope the kids don’t burn down the house. Sam was recently given an old iBook by my mom, and Adelyn got a Barbie laptop for her birthday on Saturday. I rolled over from my nap on the couch today to see this picture…

Rather frightening.

Sam has been obsessed with the NFL games on today. This is his first year with a fantasy football team… As soon as he saw I was awake, rather than a cheerful, “Hi, Dad! Glad you had a great nap. I’m ready to serve and obey you!” … he simply said (rather gleefully, I might add) “Dad, you’re losing.” Grrrr.

Last time I checked, I was losing in all three leagues that I have a team in. Nice way to start the season. At least our peewee football team that I’m coaching won Saturday! Here’s Sam blocking for his team “Exterminators.” (Mr. Bug is our sponsor)

Nuff said for now!

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