You sense it; we all sense it. The very way we get our news and information has radically changed. During any election year, do you really believe anything a network news anchor says? Or how about all those talking heads that are supposed to be “experts?”

Toodle on over to Terry Heaton’s insightful blog on cultural shifts. He’s got a great entry there on the demise of the mainstream media. It’s a must-read for those of you trying to understand how to communicate with more people today.

Around the House
I worked around the house all day while Caro was in Dumas taking pictures for their Arts & Crafts festival. Cleaned out and organized the storage room behind our studio. Since we built the add-on studio three years ago, it’s been accumulating junk. What a sense of progress! Hooray.

Now onto the next 100 things on my around-the-house list…

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