I’ve never been much of a TV show watcher, well, not since I was in grade school. In those days, I’d walk home from school and lose myself in my daily routine of Gilligan’s Island, Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, and Beverly Hillbillies. I remember faithfully watching Three’s Company (much to the chagrin of my mom who hated the show), Mork & Mindy (recently at a church gathering, someone related to me that a youth had said, “Mork who?” when he heard about a converstaion about the show. I mean, is this generation really American? Na-noo, na-noo!)

However, since college, I’ve just not found anything I really watch much. I’m a big DVD renter now, and love to lose myself in a good flick. But as far as serial TV shows, nothing has captured my attention. Enter Lost.

I don’t know what sparked my imagination, but I watched the pilot and have TiVo’d every show since. I love it. It’s weird to think I can now join the ranks of millions who have a “favorite show.” I feel so… common. But Lost has now been displaced. In a big way.

On a whim, I rented Season 1, Disc 1 of Smallville from Netflix. The lure was cast. I bit. And I’m hooked. I really want to encourage you to watch it. It’s brilliant, wholesome, incredible acting, and always leaves you thinking, “Whoa!” I’m into the second season now, and the character development that began towards the middle of the first season has bloomed, and the show now stands on its characters, rather than just the action plot. I grew up a big comic fan, but more into Spiderman than Superman. But this show, well, it puts such a unique spin on the development of a hero, that it captures your loyalty before you know it.

Rent it and see for yourself. Today. Faster than a locomotive.

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