by A. J. Jacobs

I wanted to followup on my earlier entry about this book and let you know my general conclusions.

I was not disappointed with Jacobs’ writing style and wit. I continued to chuckle and at times, roar with laughter as he descriptively led me into his wild-bearded world. As a Christian, I had never considered many of the lesser-known commands of scripture, and his often obsessive-compulsive attempts at obeying them always caused my smile to mingle with furrowed-brow reflection.

I was, however, a little disappointed with the conclusion. You see, throughout the book, Jacobs continues to discover more about God, and unsurprisingly he likes what/who he begins to connect with. For me, suspense was building… what would he think about the God revealed in the New Testament portion of his year? Would he as an agnostic Jew come to believe in the person of Jesus Christ as Israel’s Messiah? Would he get “saved?”

I won’t spoil your own reading of the book, but I was disappointed with its conclusion – partly because it concluded. I no longer get an inside track on Jacobs’ journey. I no longer get to peer through his eyes at faith and Christianity in a raw, sincere and genuine way.

I hope that Jacobs’ spiritual journey has continued since the book’s publication. At several points in the book, he confesses his OC nature to check blog reviews and rankings of his two books. Perhaps he’ll stumble upon this one and share with us where he is today on God, Christ, and life.

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