Boxer Rebellion: The Dramatic Story of China’s War on Foreigners that Shook the World in the Summer of 1900

by Diana Preston

So few believers today are aware of what shook Christendom in the year 1900. It was a shocking uprising in China led by a religious-spiritist cult called the “Boxers.”

This book details the disheartening, graphic, and apalling attempt at the extermination of “foreigners” from China, focusing on the events of the siege of the diplomatic section of the city of Peking for three months while the western world powers uneasily twiddled their fingers.

In particular, it’s an insightful book as to why the Christian church in China has exploded, but has had to do so under the radar screen and by staying “underground.”

Few know that up to 40,000 Chinese Christians and foreign missionaries were savagely slaughtered at the turn of the century, including women and children.

It’s a riveting, compelling read. While the author does not help you make any connections to the Christian mission of today and the impact that events 100 years ago have had, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to peel back the layers of history to see the tragedy and yet blessing of the persecution.

I’d highly recommend it!

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