by Christopher Paolini

What a love/hate relationship I have when I near the end of a fantastic, epic book. As I finished the next-to-last chapter of Brisingr, it dawned on me like a flash that there was no way Christopher Paolini would be able to finish this tale in one more chapter.

I stole a look at the conclusion to see a fourth book is forthcoming. A wonderful stew of excitement and dismay began to brew. There’s more!
Young Paolini has shocked the literary world yet again. Having begun his Eragon story as a teenager, with this third book, he has ascended the ranks of epic fantasy tales with the like of Lewis and Tolkien.

If you’re in the mood for a good story of elves, dwarves, dragons… courage, friendship and battle… look no further than this series. It does not disappoint!

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