51NKDPHFFXL._SX346_BO1,204,203,200_You just never know about a book. My mom bought this book and sent it to me, mainly because of the title. She hadn’t read it. She idn’t know anything about it. It sat in our book bin beside the TV for over a year. When we went to Smith Mountain Lake recently over the Christmas holiday, I grabbed it on a whim, thinking I’d skim the first chapter.

After the first two paragraphs, I was hooked. Christ at the Coffee Shop is an incredibly delightful book full of short stories that illustrate how God’s presence shows up in the simplest of places, the most ordinary circumstances and the some of the most typical experiences of life. And yet… as author Nathan Ingram ingeniously points out in story after story, God’s presence enlightens our lives and changes our hearts, time and time again.

I laughed my way through some chapters and actually got teary-eyed at a few others. One chapter even became some of the content for a sermon I preached recently called Pleasers of God.

I joked in the sermon about how you just never know about self-published books (being an author who went that route myself). I don’t know Nathan, but I’m sure if he happens to read this entry, he’ll be pleasantly surprised that his 2005 publication is still encouraging people deeply.

It’s an easy read, a compelling read, and even a delightful read. It will be sure to encourage you. I read 2-3 chapters at a sitting, but if you committed to just read a chapter a day, you’ll be uplifted and encouraged. Make sure to pass your copy on to a friend when you’re done. It shouldn’t sit on a shelf. It belongs… in your hands… at a coffee shop.


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