by Avi

Because my mom was a librarian (I know, Mom… media specialist for many moons, I know that any book with a Newberry Medal is worth reading. That’s why this particular book caught my eye at the town library last week.

I picked it up, glanced over it, and while Adelyn was picking out her books, I put it under my arm as a keeper.

That evening, I found that I had devoured half the book over multiple cups of hot green tea. I couldn’t put it down.

Set it in England in the late 1300s, it spins a marvelous tale of historical accuracy that traces the life of a young boy who is in search of his identity.

The characters are colorful and well-developed, and the chapters are so well spaced and tightly written that you keep thinking, “Just one more chapter,” and then find yourself four deep and unable to stop.

It’s for a younger audience, but I highly recommend the book for everyone. Weighing in at 262 pages, I finished it the second night. I will definitely be checking out more by the author Avi.

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