How can you “review” a Bible?

I started using the Christian Standard Bible to preach from in 2017. Up until that time, I’d been using the English Standard Version for many moons. I’ve really enjoyed the public readability of the CSB, and while I still turn to the ESV at times for personal study and comparison, my transition has been pretty seamless.

In January, I began self-directed reading plan. I decided to read the “red letters” of the New Testament. These are the places in which Jesus is directly quoted. So that’s where I’ve been spending my time in the mornings. Studying the words and teachings of Jesus in depth has been refreshing.

A cereal discovery

I eat cereal at night. Often. My routine includes reading the latest catalog from Christian Book Distributors. (If you haven’t heard of CBD, you need to check them out. Prices often cheaper than Amazon, and with their imperfection sales, you can find some steals!) In February while eating Frosted Flakes with Lucky Charms marshmallows (they’re a thing and delicious!), I saw the CSB Christ Chronological Bible on sale there. I promptly ordered it.

CSB Christ Chronological provides a unique way for readers to experience the life of Christ in chronological order with each Gospel writer’s account of events side-by-side. Featuring a parallel format, commentary notes for each section to provide background and context, and color-coded text to differentiate between the accounts in each Gospel, readers are able to gain fresh perspective on the life and ministry of Christ. (Publisher’s Description)

I enjoy the layout of the book, placing each gospel writer’s similar accounts of events and teachings side-by-side for comparison. There’s also ample room for journaling and notes.

Although I have caught a few places where they missed a parallel, overall, it’s a fantastic resource, and I’ve enjoyed it. I highly recommend it for devotional and journaling purposes. I am not aware of anything else out there quite like it.

Get it today and enjoy. Cereals-ly.

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