Gene Getz’s Elders and Leaders is a defining book. Many of you will find this hard to believe, but a book about how to effectively organize your church’s leadership structure can breathe fresh life into your church if implemented.

Few folks stop to consider that the way your church is currently structured may actually be hindering its growth and ministry. It may also be suffocating your leaders, without them even being aware of it.

Getz’s book is, indeed, a primer on New Testament church leadership and structure. I’d encourage it for all new church leadership teams as well as traditional churches who desire to experience a more biblical model of church leadership.

Many times, our churches are structured the way they because it’s “always been that way,” or because they’re simply unaware that the New Testament may, in fact, provide more guidelines for leadership and organization than they’ve considered before.

Our leadership team at Journey is currently reading through this book, and I expect it will continue to reap fruit for us as we seek to lead as servants and shepherds.

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