I was contacted by the publisher of In Plain Sight and asked whether I’d be willing to review the book if they supplied a copy. A free book? Of course.

I was not familiar with the book or author though, so I waited with some trepidation wondering what I’d gotten myself into. When it arrived, I was immediately struck by the cover photo, shown at left.

The photo on the left on the cover is of a brain cell; the one on the right is of an oak tree. The similarities in design are amazing. And so is this book written by scientist and neurosurgeon Dr. Charley Gordon.

It’s a glossy book packed with stunning color photographs that each portray remarkable design similarities between the micro and the macro.

The book is set up to be read as a 40-day devotional, with each day ending in reflective scripture based off the relationship of the photographs and accompanying thoughts.

It’s one thing to have a nice, coffee-table book with stunning photographs. It’s another to have one that is an engaging and fascinating read as well. In Plain Sight fits both categories. After reading a few days of devotional thoughts, I contacted the publisher and related that I would be delaying my review simply because I wanted to enjoy the pace of the book and take it as it’s set up – as 40 days of devotional thoughts.

I wholeheartedly recommend the book to you, and I hope you consider giving it as a gift to friends, family and acquaintances that may be needing some hope, purpose and deep reflection in their life. It is not a book that’s easy to shrug off for a skeptic. Neither is it a book that seeks to convince. Rather, it’s a gracious portrayal of our fascinating world from a thoroughly biblical viewpoint that coaxes the reader to consider our Creator’s infinite and tender purposes behind design and beauty.

You can read more about the book at the website for it here.

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