logoI don’t normally do product reviews on the blog – other than books; however, as a long-time tech geek, when I come across a product that is genuinely fantastic, I just have to share the wealth. I’ve been using iPhone skins from bestskinsever.com (Best Skins Ever) for my last two iPhones, and they are absolutely true in their product description. They are the best skins ever.

Here’s why:

  1. They last forever. I just replaced the one on my iPhone 5. The original one has been on the device since I bought it in September 2012. That’s almost two years for a phone skin! They are incredibly durable and have self-healing properties. The only reason I replaced the one I have is that I had it in a pocket with my car keys, and it got an actual cut in the film which did not heal.
  2. They are invisible. I use the glossy skin; I had the matte version on my iPhone 4s but just didn’t like it that much.
  3. I like the texture of the skin. It is just a tad “rubbery” which gives me needed traction on my iPhone’s screen.
  4. Applying the skin is innovative and easy. It’s the only skin I know that you get it wet with a tad of dish soap to apply it. With it wet, you can slide it around the device’s screen until it’s perfect. Then you squeegee the bubbles or extra dampness out with a credit card. If you mess up, just peel it up, re-wet it, and do it again.

A few caveats:

I have only tried one of the full-bodied skins once – on my daughter’s iPhone 5c. It was a challenge. I don’t know if I got it too wet or what, but I had troubles with it sticking on the side and corners of the device. We did finally get it on, and it worked well, but it was an ordeal. I don’t know that I’d try another full bodied screen again.

An extra plus:

When I removed the original skin to replace it with the new one, it just peeled right up. The screen underneath was as pristine as the day I took the phone out of the box, and there was no stickiness whatsoever.

Highly recommended

If you’re looking for a skin for your device (they make them for all sorts), I can’t recommend bestskinsever.com to you enough.

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