by Andrew Adamson

Tracy Reed and I – with our chilluns – all went to eat at Mickey D’s last night and then to Prince Caspian. Our gals had a girls’ night out with other gals from the church.

We stumbled on Michael with his two young’uns and felt a little badly that our kids were all old enough to go see this movie with us – that girls’ night out also meant boys’ night out for us. But not for him. You’re not supposed to call it babysitting when you’re with your own kids, but he had a distinct glaze in his eyes when we left for the movie.

All I can say about the movie is a simple… wow. Magical. Wonderful. Moving.

Some of Susan’s dialogue with Aslan in this movie was so deeply profound. I was impressed with the production and selection from the book. Although it diverged a tad from the storyline of the book, it all came together for a dynamically powerful epic tale.

At the end, I glanced over at Adelyn during a particularly poignant moment and saw her wiping away tears. My throat caught just a little, and upon reflection, I am delighted that my daughter is moved by moments of deep love, truth, and beauty.

Go see Prince Caspian. You won’t regret it. Better yet, read ALL the Chronicles of Narnia by Christian philosopher/writer/spreader of divine joy C.S. Lewis.

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