by Ted Dekker


Holy cow. I just put it down and told Carolyn that this may be one of the most moving and dramatic fiction epics I’ve ever read. Does that grab your attention?

I read Black, the first book in the Circle Trilogy many months ago. It left me with a curious interest in what came afterwards, but I had almost decided not to follow the tale any longer. I was at Monticello’s public library a few weeks back and saw Red on the rack of new books and picked it up. I’m so glad I did.

Before I realized it, I was so thoroughly immersed in this epic tale that weaves the realities of two dramatic worlds as effortlessly as Brett Favre throws a touchdown pass. The further into the book I got, the more I found myself not only intellectually engaged but even emotionally moved at places.

Dekker is unapologetically a follower of Christ, and the Circle Trilogy is weaved with two other series that have just been completed as of October this year. Dekker says,

Three series, each dependent on the others, yet each completely independent. Stories that twist in and out of each other like grapevines before the harvest. You can read any of the three series first or last, but it is best to read the books within each series in order.

Red is full of love, war, terror, betrayal, and surprising twists that parallel the greatest redemptive story of history – that of Jesus Christ.

If you’re looking for a compelling, stop-your-heart read, I would encourage you to pick up Black and start there. Just be forewarned. It will be a different kind of tale than you’ve ever read before. And if Black doesn’t fully pull you in – like it perplexed me – keep reading. You’ll be grateful.

On to White and the rest of Books of History.

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