George Barna has a book out called Revolutionary Parenting. It looks to be a powerful study and even more alarming call for transformation in Christians’ parenting styles. In it, he identifies three parenting styles:

  • Parenting by default, which he says is “the path of least resistance”
  • Parenting by trial and error
  • Revolutionary parenting, which he says is simply taking the scriptures at face value where they address parenting and seeking to apply them diligently to life and family practices

For the first three commenters, I’ll buy and have the book shipped to you. But here’s the caveat..

  1. You have to write a blog review of the book on your own blog (If you have no blog, your comment won’t count.)
  2. Implement one principle learned in the book in your parenting style (telling us in your blog entry what you’re going to do)
  3. Link back to this post in your blog entry
  4. And pass the book on to a friend, listing its destination in your blog entry.

Happy commenting… and parenting.

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