The Eye of the World: Book one of ‘The Wheel of Time’

by Robert Jordan

A while back I read an article saying that George R.R. Martin and Robert Jordan were some of today’s fantasy epic writers. I was craving some great, imaginative literature since I’d read Tolkien’s books years ago (and even reread them!).

I picked up Martin’s books and devoured them. I can’t recommend them to everyone because they’re rated PG-13. There are some pretty pointless graphic descriptions in them. However, as far as character development and plot, they’re fantastic.

Imagine my surprise when I finally picked up Jordan’s first book in his Wheel of Time series and became increasingly enthralled by it. I’ve read some reviewers who say that he simply mimics themes and elements from other fantasy authors (such as Tolkien), and I’m not saying that he doesn’t.

However, if such mimicry is as compelling as Jordan’s tale is, then bring on the Xerox machine.

I found myself immersed in this story that continually pulled back the curtain to allow you to glimpse a much broader and grander history that the author intended to unfold. It’s simply cinematic.

One discovery was a little dismaying… there are 11 books (so far) in the series! Wow. I wasn’t quite ready for that much of a commitment.

To top it off, Jordan passed away in September 2007 with the series unfinished. Also known as James Oliver Rigney, Jr., Jordan was diagnosed with amyloidosis in 2006, and his death was due to complications of that disease.

Brandon Sanderson, a well-known fantasy author was hand-picked by Jordan’s wife to finish the Wheel of Time series.

I will most assuredly pick up the second in the series and then make the decision from there as to whether I’ll continue.

In the meantime, if you’re in-between series and wondering what to read next, you can’t go wrong with The Eye of the World. It ends in a way that brings much resolution, and it’s not necessary to continue reading in the series unless you’re curious or have become captivated by the broader epic.

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