The Kneeling Christian

by Unknown Christian

I heard (or perhaps read) about someone describing how they balance their reading a while back. Their selection over the course of a year contained some enjoyment reading, a biography or two, books in an area that they desired personal growth, and then the kicker… a book about prayer.

I remember how it struck me as extremely strategic to include in one’s reading each year a book about prayer. Whether good or bad, such material would hopefully remind and provoke my commitment and reward in this area of my spiritual life.

I would love to say that I am a deep and consistent pray-er all the time. I am not, however. My prayer life is like the tide.

With all that said, however, I highly recommend this short book, The Kneeling Christian. It was written between the two World Wars – in the 20s or 30s. While the author refused to identify himself (or herself), most think it the work of Anglican clergyman Albert Earnest Richardson.

The author is well-versed in scripture, and although there are a few principles that I would take issue with, the material will most assuredly challenge your prayer life.

  • It will challenge your first love as being rooted in Christ.
  • It will challenge the praise of your prayers, the regularity of your prayers, and the urgency of your prayers.
  • It will help you examine possible hindrances in your prayer life.
  • The book also has a great chapter on “who” can pray. Most of us might like to quickly respond, “Anyone!” But not so fast, says this author. I think you’ll find yourself nodding in agreement with him by the time you follow his line of reasoning.

If you haven’t read a book this year on prayer, swing by Amazon and pick this one up. Then pass it along.

I hope it provokes you as well to become a kneeling Christian.

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