20140719-005303-3183580.jpgI’ve never personally known a New York Times best-selling author. I’ve read a lot of their books though. Reading The Selection was a stretch for my genre preference.

I’ll be honest.

Knowing Kiera and being blessed in a multitude of ways by her family provoked me to read this book. Her son, Guyden, is one of my favorites at our church, always ready with a huge grin and hug. Her husband is an incredible musician and fellow tech geek, so, I thought I’d be reading the book to just support and encourage her. And Zuzu is cuter than Cindy Lou from Hooville. How could I not read the book?

I thought I’d be getting in touch with my inner middle school girl to even enjoy a tale like this that I’d never have read otherwise. Imagine my surprise three chapters in to discover I was thoroughly enjoying this story.

Her character development is believable and winsome. There was enough intrigue (rebels!) and mystery (post-apocalyptic!) to whet my genuine interest. I found myself smiling throughout, enjoying Kiera’s use of creativity in the character’s dialogues and just the way she strings together a phrase. As I turned the last page and even plunged hungrily into her “thanks” letter at the end of the book, I knew I’d be reading more.

So, bravo, Kiera! I’m not just a supporter. I’m a fan. Now, Adelyn’s bookshelf will be missing The Elite.

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