Glenn Wosley had a rather radical idea over on his blog: reward commenters.Many, many thanks!I’ve seen all kinds of blogs have Reader Appreciation Week/Month etc., but I’ve not seen a blog take it to the level that Glenn has. I’ve been challenged many times by Glenn’s insights and tech help with the Mac. He also has a very polished and creative video podcast that I subscribe to.So, not to be outdone, I’m going to implement his idea as well. Top commenters get rewards here at Notes this month. We’ll see how things pan out.At the end of this month I’ll be sending the top commenter $30, and the second and third $10 each via PayPal as a little way to say thanks for sharing your insight, feedback and thoughts.Try to keep it relevant to topics or posts at hand; however, that’s not required. Enjoy my site and let’s see what happens…Oh, and by the way, there’s still an iPod out there waiting to be won!

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