Although we don’t know much more than we did since our last health update, we’ve had a lot of requests and questions about where things are in relation to Carolyn’s breast cancer. You can read here for the beginning of the Round 6 Saga.

It’s hard to believe that we’ve had six “It’s cancer…” phone calls over these past 20 years of being a couple (Carolyn and I started dating “officially” in July 1990). I’ve said before that the Lord knew what He was doing in all our health episodes. Carolyn is my hero and the strong one. She’s taken each announcement with the grace God has provided. Sure, there have been tears and emotional roller coasters, but it’s been humbling to watch her coast on the wings of God’s provision and steady love for her. I, on the other hand, go into the fetal position when I get a sinus infection and milk it for all it’s worth. Carolyn dreams about ways to serve with a chemotherapy IV drop attached to her arm.

The latest in round 6 is that Carolyn’s breast oncologist in Little Rock has recommended a simple total mastectomy. He’s encouraged her to consider a double mastectomy, all things considered, with reconstructive surgery. Carolyn has been following up with some doctors’ appointments here in Virginia to process her options. We’ve had amazing, Christ-honoring doctors in Arkansas. We’ve always been grateful for that. That’s one way that you can pray for us at this point – that we’ll be directed and guided to the right physicians for the surgeries ahead.

Our church family has been exceptionally gracious and supportive during this time. They’ve asked and have offered their help for the days to come. Many have already offered meals. We’ve put them off so far, since at this point, we are thriving on the prayer support we’re receiving. Of course, there will be a day in the near future where practical ministry and help will be coveted. It’s just humbling to see this army of friends and our faith family preparing to mobilize for us in these days.

In the middle of the decision-making, our family is doing great. Carolyn recently organized the Noble Fall Family Photo which will be on Christmas cards. It was an adventure, and we’re grateful to Cody for putting up with us. This was his second year to take it for us, and now he’s now longer trying to impress “the new pastor and his family” – he’s laughing with us and at us.

The kids are busy with school, sports and hobbies. Sam is not so busy with the latter as he’s being forced to focus on the former. Yup. Grade time was not pretty this last time. He’s living a completely unplugged existence right now. Adelyn, on the other hand, is doing a relatively good job of not gloating about it.

We’ll keep you updated as we know more…

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