Besides the fact that you can vote multiple times and that I loathe how AI consumes our lives each year at this time (Cmon, twice a week?! Give us a break.), now there’s another reason for AI to be a little suspect. I say this with great trepidation because my wife and kids LOVE the show. So do many of my friends… several of whom are bigger than I am. I’ll even confess that last year, I gave AI everything I had. I watched every episode and laughed hysterically at my favorite parts (the tryouts). However, this year has been sporadic, occasional, or even not at all.

I do know enough to know that Sanjayah is still on the show. Here’s why: I think it’s rather funny to show that you can skew this show. Heck, it’s already skewed by the fact that you can vote more than once for a single candidate.

But here’s what I plan to do:

On this day...

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