This a.m. we had a massive rummage sale at Journey – or as Jeremy says it, room-age. Whatever, we sold a bunch of just, well, junk. The whole “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure” should be “one man’s junk is still another man’s junk.” Yet folks trickled through all morning, buying, eyeing while we were sighing.

We may have been a little ambitious with 10 dozen donuts, two pots of coffee, two bags of donut holes, and 2 gallons of generic, Wally-World citric juice. We had thought to provide breakfast stuff for early morning shoppers, but we found that most were extremely focused on, well, junk. 

They entered with eyes down, sifted through mounds of clothing, suitcase, old computers, etc. and then left with a few things in their arms. We rummage salespeople had a welcoming and hospitable environment for them, including music to set the ambience. Yet, they were more interested in… you got it, junk.

There were actually a few who left without buying anything, which I find highly offensive. It’s like our junk isn’t good enough for them? How dare they… 😉

All the proceeds are going to Journey’s ministry fund, and because we have so much left over, it looks like we’ll be trying it again next week. I was told numerous times this a.m. by females present who here shall remain unnamed that I should have put the rummage sale in the paper.

I had assumed that since has 5000-8000 pageviews per day that would be sufficient, but I was corrected frequently with the rationale that “garage sale people don’t read websites for their junk information.” Dang. I think junk people need to be more high tech. I mean, there’s Microsoft products to consider, right?

In addition, the whole experience makes me think about what we focus on in life. The rummage sale is kind of like our spiritual lives. How many times are we paying attention to junk when the Lord longs to provide nourishment, wonder, and music for our lives? Meanwhile, we wander through life, eyes down, focused only on what we think we need. Most of the time our myopic desires result in the acquisition of junk that will only gather dust in our souls.

With all that said, stay tuned for Rummage Sale 2 at Journey soon…

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